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Your Emotion

This story will bring you to my Past, Present, and on my Future.

It’s my request to you from my heart. Don’t read this if you don’t have heart and I beg you to leave my story for those who only want to use their mind. Remember that you have a short life so live with your pride. This is my own feeling so don’t waste your time, go back to your works. This is nothing for you rather than my feelings. Read this only with the heart not with mind otherwise leave my story. My feeling is only for you, who have a feeling for me, from the heart.




We all have the same body shape and have a mind. We don’t even know how is feeling occurs and why we feel all emotions. We have different emotions for the same person for different reasons.
We are not machines, so we can’t hide our emotions. Some emotion is for ourselves and some feelings for others.


We love ourselves, We care for ourselves and We fool people, hurt ourselves for others. We forget our self-respect while caring for others.


We didn’t do anything for those who never care about us, never love us, and the people who don’t have time for us but the feeling is for those whom we love once and never want to forget.
We engaged with many people till our death. If you really love somebody then don’t hurt them, You must have to make them realize that ” not only they are specially for you” but also “you are equally important for them”.Remember one thing don’t give them a small chance to leave you and go away from you and live without you.


If you wanna distance once, you will be apart forever. Never ever try to live without those whom you love and don’t give them a small chance that will give them a reason to forget you. We ignore each other and expect love from each other, but we silly people never try first and what we did, only wait and expect exactly what we want, and the result was always fixed, there is no chance to survive our relation. We start to think that nobody will be permanent with you. If you have a feeling for them, you must have a feeling for them from your heart. Don’t try any simple or smallest mistake to let them go. If you did, it’s your biggest mistake and you have to pay for this.


We need to be being the open heart and forget our self-respect. It was just a conflict, not a coincidence, We need to live for others. We don’t have time to think of ourselves if there was someone special who is far away best than your own life, your own dream. There is always a special someone in your life, whom you love more than yourself, care for them more than yourself, respect them more than your self-respect. If someone touches your heart then you obviously do whatever you can able to do for them, and you did it and wanna do forever, whether the person is with you or in your sweet memories.


The main thing that you need to focus on is”If you love someone, please don’t expect anything from them”.If you wanna something from them, either you get more than you deserve or you can get less than you expect. Give them true love without expectation. The exact problem is occurring at that time when you start to realize “I got less than I deserve” or “I gave them more than they deserve”. If you want to be happy. Always try to make others happy, think about other happiness, Please forget yourself.

Never says but make them realized 

Felling has more feels on actions than words. If you will be kicked out, you don’t need to feel bad for yourself. You have to change yourself. Your smiles are not for you, your tears are not for you, your life is not your so don’t feel bad if you are pissed off, just let them go and watch what they are going to do. The feeling must be from heart not by request. You will be a doner, not a bigger one.

will be contined………..


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